STORY – GT Outdoors Italy




Giulia Taboga, an unconventional woman who since childhood has been enamoured with nature. As soon as she could, she would go into the woods and spend hours there: trees, plants and animals enthralled her. Giulia Taboga, an independent woman, determined to pursue her passions and disposition; so much so that when she is immersed in nature, time loses its meaning as it’s there that she can find her true essence, today like in the past.
A natural consequence of this passion for nature was her fascination with Artemis, the Greek goddess of wild animals, the hunt and wilderness, following a tradition that is as old as man. An independent and unconventional goddess, a quite difficult female model that led Giulia to find the strength to realise her objectives, grow and become successful, chosen as the endorser of prestigious brands and companies and also as the protagonist of specialised huntingTV programs.
Many years of passion and activities in nature in every corner of the world have provided Giulia with the professional baggage and the experience to imagine and then create GT Outdoors Italy, an original line of professional clothing exclusively dedicated to huntresses to combine their passion for life in the open air with the desire to express and enhance their femininity.
The clothes in the GT Outdoors Italy collection are the perfect combination of tradition, elegance, comfort, innovation, versatility, performance and durability, still having the enhancement of femininity as one their main objectives. And, as experience is only valuable if it stops you from making mistakes, Giulia’s many years of experience are concretely represented by the quality and absence of those imperfections that only someone who wears and uses this type of clothes can understand. All this turned into reality using the most modern materials.

“When I tell people I’m a huntress, I can always tell from their eyes what they’re thinking: What? A woman? Her natural inclination should be to stay home to procreate, preserve, protect. When I can, I always reply reminding them about lionesses”. There are no better words to introduce 32-year-old Giulia Taboga, who continues: “In a pride of lions, it’s the lionesses that go hunting and provide food for the others. And there are many other examples in nature. So, their objection makes no sense”.
A statement that leaves no room for misunderstandings. Then, chatting with this young lady, we learn that though she was completely dazzled by the myth of Artemis the Huntress at a young age, she is also, if not more, a novel naturalist and environmentalist.
Giulia Taboga started hunting when she was only 13 years old and obtained her hunting licence as soon as she could, but then she tells us that she goes hunting only five months per year and the rest of the year she just takes walks in the woods and in the mountains to observe animals, their social events (mating, births), taking pictures of them when she can. There is more: in some cases, she also makes sure that wild animals have the necessary food.
Born in 1986, Giulia Taboga has already gained quite a reputation in the hunting world in Europe and abroad. She was chosen as an endorser for major brands such as Franchi, Fiocchi, Steiner, Crispi, Riserva, Shothunt and Swarovski.
At 24, she was contacted by Sky to star in a TV series about hunting; Giulia refused the first two times due to her shyness but was not able to say no the third time. And now for some years she has been the protagonist of several programmes.
She enjoys cooking and she prepares for herself what she catches. She says: “I never buy meat from the supermarket. If I hadn’t become a huntress, I’d probably be a vegetarian now”.
A very versatile woman who certainly feels at home in the woods and in the mountains but is ready to jump into a new project if she has to, like she did for GT Outdoors Italy. This is what Giulia said about her new challenge: “I decided to do it because for 11 years I only had male clothing to choose from”.
She has a keen interest in the hunting habits of other countries and for this reason she has travelled the whole world.
Then, Giulia talks about hunting as a form of environmental management: “If I encounter a herd of deers, I do not try to catch the one with the best set of antlers – I am not interested in trophies – I choose the one that looks the weakest. Even after I’ve been walking for eight hours”. She finally adds: “And you must carry and bring back yourself the animal that you catch”. The way she says it, you can be sure that it’s one of her unbreakable rules, not a way to sound sensational. And according to Giulia – we realise – rules are made to be followed.